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product details

WeePlus, born from the thriving business of Smoore, is a market leader

 in new smoking alternatives. WeePlus is devoted to provide the most

consistently dependable and advanced technology to the vaping world.

With our products we are confident that we will renovate your

idea of vaping. Backed by 10 years of industry expertise at Smoore,

WeePlus is set to be a true game changer.





1.       300+ key patents in fundamental vaping technology

2.       First-Ever ceramic heating elements technology with

         heating wire embedded inside and own patent

3.       100+ dedicated R&D team with diverse background,

         the largest in the vapor industry

4.       The biggest and most advanced testing labs in the vapor industry





1.  High production capacity in customized manufacturing area with strict

      safety measures

2.  Highest Standard Manufacturing facilities among the industry with

      ISO13485/9001/14001 and cGMP standards certified

3.  Manufacture Execution System(MES) monitors product quality

      from raw material to end products





1.  Diverse and professional sales & marketing team

      with world-class customer care program

2.  Speed to Market Product Management

3.  Sophisticated sales and marketing Campaigns